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Using mobile phonesWe are addiction professionals in the field of drug rehab and intensive outpatient addiction treatment with over 30 years of hands-on treatment experience. During that time, we have worked with thousands of individuals and their families, torn apart by an addiction to drugs and alcohol. We have provided addiction treatment services, performed alcoholism and drug addiction interventions, advanced continuing aftercare programs, and offered family therapy and education.

Addiction treatment is very effective for the start of the addiction recovery journey, but what about after? Many families and their loved ones struggle to find the path following a drug addiction treatment experience, such as drug rehab or inpatient addiction treatment program. Insurance will only pay so much and long-term drug rehab programs are very expensive. How someone goes from a lifestyle of using drugs and alcohol addictively to a life of recovery and abstinence from drugs and alcohol is a long process. We have found that 28-45 days in an residential drug rehab is not enough time to develop and practice the tools of recovery from addiction. It is not enough time to use these tools of recovery in the workplace or to achieve personal goals toward happiness and success. Long-term programs are sometimes too structured and can make individuals dependent on that level of structure in order to function in the real world. Both are very important issues to think about when picking the right drug rehab program for you and your family.
grand-canyons-arizona-cloudsWe have developed a philosophy for treatment that we feel fills this gap. This is a treatment program that focuses on all areas of the recovery process. For early sobriety we provide an intensive treatment approach run by professionals with over 30 years of counseling experience. After discharge, Awakening Recovery Center will continue to meet individually with a client for up to one year. Our goal is to help individuals truly practice what they have learned in treatment and have a safe place to return to the drawing board through every success and failure. We provide support to help our clients get involved in 12 step fellowships, develop spirituality, obtain jobs, achieve education goals, repair important relationships, and stay sober. This allows someone to step out into the world with a safety net. If life throws them curve balls, there is counseling and support around every corner. Oftentimes, 28 day treatment centers or 2 year lockdown programs cannot sufficiently prepare someone for what truly lies ahead. Each person has their own dreams and goals and will have wonderful successes and hard failures. Having the support and guidance to build the foundation for recovery is crucial. That is what Awakening Recovery Center will provide.

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