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Intensive Outpatient

group-therapyThe Intensive Outpatient program is an 8 week group addiction counseling model that focuses on the recovery of substance abuse. Groups meet 3 days a week for 3 hours per session. During this process the ARC staff will help patients navigate through the early struggles that individuals face in the addiction recovery process. The ability to work the 12 steps, develop fellowship in a 12 step program, build positive peer and family relationships, gain self worth, and identify and resolve problems that can block the recovery process are key in building the foundation for healthy living and long-term addiction and/or alcoholism recovery. Our counseling staff is dedicated to individualizing the addiction treatment process, and creating a safe and positive environment for individual to fully recover. During the drug addiction treatment process each client will receive individual and family counseling on a weekly basis. Family members will also have private family counseling sessions and educational addiction groups designed to address the struggles family members face in this process.

woman-591575_640Continued Aftercare

Our continued care program is a year-long addiction monitoring and accountability program that focuses on building a healthy lifestyle while in recovery. All clients that have successfully completed the IOP (Intensive Out-Patient) program will have a year of individual and family counseling. They will have access to educational workshops and services that are designed to help develop strong recovery behaviors and tools. A healthy life is well-rounded, so setting and achieving long and short term goals is important. This process will offer counseling and support in developing strong 12 step support networks, obtaining and utilizing a sponsor, finding a job, going back to school, creating independence, building healthy relationships with family and peers, and dealing with success and failure. These are some of the many issues that are crucial in achieving long-term recovery.

Individual CounselingIndividual Counseling for Arresting an Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

The individual counseling sessions provide weekly or biweekly sessions that focus on the continued recovery from substance abuse. These sessions provide an environment where individuals can focus on developing a working understanding of the 12 steps and tools to deal with the daily struggles in early recovery. Recovery is challenging. Learning to work, socialize, build positive family and peer relationships, have fun, go back to school, build fellowship in a 12 step community, and deal with fear and issues that can sabotage progress are all crucial if long-term recovery is to be achieved.

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