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Addiction Treatment Resources in Arizona

awakening-recovery-center-sunriseBelow is a list of resources we have compiled that provided addiction treatment and drug rehab services in our area of Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona.  Feel free to reach out to them, but we suggest the best course is to call us at 480-209-1977 — we will take the time to listen, and make specific suggestions as to the best way to move forward.

Treatment Centers

Chandler Valley Hope: 480-899-3335
ASAP (Under 18) : (602) 434-0249
Bella Monte Recovery Center: 1-800-974-1938
Valley Hospital: 602-957-4000


Gabrielle Loomis: 602-410-6651
Mike Speakman, LISAC (Pal Groups): 800-239-9127
Colleen LeBlanc, LISAC: 480-227-2706

Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous 24-hour Help Line: 602-264-1341
Narcotics Anonymous Help Line: (480) 897-4636
Cocaine Anonymous Information Line: 602.349.7377
Pal Groups (Family Support Group): 800-239-9127